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“He paints the wilderness with a knowledge and genuineness that can only be expressed by someone who has ‘been there’.”

Bev Doolittle - artist

The Artist & Stephen Lyman Prints

Stephen Lyman

Stephen Lyman was an explorer who specialized in painting the most elusive moments in nature. His inspiring work was inspired, in turn, by the writing and teachings of famous naturalist John Muir. "Muir wrote, 'Climb the mountains and get their good tidings,'" Stephen said. "I know exactly what he meant." Stephen's love of the great outdoors stemmed from a childhood spent in the Pacific Northwest, where hiking in Snake River country was a regular family ritual. Stephen passed way in 1996.

Stephen's family has enjoyed sharing his artwork with others since 1987. We began as an art gallery and have since moved to an online presence only.

We offer Stephen's artwork that is from The Lyman Family Collection only and we do not provide discounts other than free shipping. We do not buy, consign, or broker his artwork from any other source. We also do not provide valuations of Stephen's artwork. If you are a collector of his artwork but wish to pass it on, we suggest giving it to family members, friends, or charitable auctions. Some may have success selling their artwork on consignment at upscale resale stores or online.